I produce performance-based videos which use humour and irony to investigate what it means to be a woman in contemporary society. I concentrate on exaggerated portrayals of women in Cinema and literature; particularly the inconsistency between liberated female roles and romantic views depicted in high and popular culture.

The works are meticulously rehearsed with a regard for formal, cinematic considerations. Aiming, not to make a documentation of a live event, but a precise performance to camera, the work is often made using an uninterrupted ‘one-take’ method. This is in pursuit of ‘authenticity’ and a desire to create tension. As a result, I am interested in relying on rehearsal and the craft of the performer rather than technological postproduction.

In my most recent work I have used found footage in montage form alongside performance-based pieces, creating large multi-channel installations. I am currently collaborating with a composer on a series of works based on representations of female suicide.